Free Minecraft and Gaming Servers

The Details:

We're a group of friends who dedicate our free time playing video games together. Our day jobs consists of system admins and software engineers but at night we fuel the need to game with whatever free time we have. We're sharing our server resources and making gaming easy and affordable for those who find their connection in gaming. Our services are free during this beta period as we develop our platform. Sign up today and get a share of our dedicated gaming servers at no cost.

What you get

  • Plenty of resources to run your favorite games (Minecraft, V Rising, Core Keeper, Valheim; a full list coming soon).

  • USA based servers (San Jose, Chicago, Missouri, to name a few).

  • A slick control panel to manage your games.

  • We're utilizing an open-source gaming panel (Pterodactyl) and testing the market to see how effective it can be.

Get It

We're launching beta soon. Enter your email to reserve a spot.

Reach Out

We got you

We'll let you know early 2023. Happy Holidays!